Monday, October 04, 2004

Busy on Wednesday?

Don't know what your Wednesday plans are, but my day will be rather full. You see, I'll be having a baby! EEK!!! My blood pressure was up again, second straight time in two weeks. It is now 150/78. Not good. Weight was fine (actually down about half a pound), no comment on my urine, so no idea what's going on there. I am 1.5 cm dialated, though; far enough that one finger could reach in and touch the head. (That is about the strangest thing I think I've ever typed!) Oh, and I have been having arthritis-like pains in my hands on and off since Friday. He said that is definitely not good because it means I am sometimes retaining enough fluid to either put severe pressure on my joints or to actually force the fluid inside, causing the pain. "We need to get this taken care of. Let me go call the hospital." They were slammed full tomorrow, so the earliest they could get me in is Wednesday morning. "9 AM; be there at 8:30, and we'll have this baby!" YIKES!!

So that's it then. Unless baby makes his own plans, looks like we'll be parents as of sometime October 6. Be looking for an announcement sometime that night, depending (obviously) on when Baby G arrives and how long it takes to contact my brother to post the news. Wish us luck!!

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