Friday, October 29, 2004

New Luke Photos

See the latest baby pictures. I realize they aren't all that thrilling or different. He's just not doing tricks yet. :-p But there are a few of him on his three week birthday, and some with his Grandmama (DH's mother). Hope you enjoy!

I assure you there will be more (and more interesting) photos after this weekend. My brother is coming for his first ever visit with his nephew, and my parents are coming. Nana will be armed with a digital camera, Uncle Jacob will manage the video camera I expect (not digital, sorry), and Papa is bringing *the* camera, old fashioned and purchased for the birth of *his* first child (that would be me), but still takes some of the best photos around. I'll scan and upload (unless we get them on disc; I'll try) as soon as they are developed.


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