Friday, February 25, 2005

The Muse makes her picks

As has become annual tradition, I have (finally) made my Oscar predictions for this year. Hey, how can I be the Movie Muse if I don't try? Not that I usually do very well. Last year was a real surprise at 75% correct! I'm usually much closer to 50%, often on the low side, but 60% isn't unheard of. This year, many of the categories don't have a clear favorite, so who knows. Not even sure my guesses this year qualify as SWAGs, as there sure isn't much science or research involved. We'll see how I do. Oh, and if you want to play along at home, just download your own printable Oscar ballot.

Actor - Jamie Foxx for Ray
Supporting Actor - Thomas Haden Church for Sideways
Actress - Annette Bening for Being Julia
Supporting Actress - Laura Linney for Kinsey
Animated Feature - The Incredibles (I will be SOOO mad if it doesn't win!!!)
Art Direction - The Aviator
Cinematography - The Phantom of the Opera
Costume Design - The Aviator
Directing - Million Dollar Baby
Documentary Feature - Super Size Me
Documentary Short - Sister Rose's Passion
Film Editing - The Aviator
Foreign Language Film - The Chorus
Makeup - Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
Original Score - Finding Neverland
Original Song - "Believe" from The Polar Express
Short Animated Film - Lorenzo
Short Live Action Film - Little Terrorist
Sound Editing - The Incredibles
Sound Mixing - The Aviator
Visual Effects - I, Robot
Adapted Screenplay - Million Dollar Baby
Original Screenplay - The Incredibles (probably not, but one can hope)
Best Picture - The Aviator

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