Monday, April 11, 2005

Some whine with my cheese, or lack there of

Restaurants charge a not-insignificant amount to add cheese to burgers. For our usual fast food place, it's 50 cents. Given that the burger costs $2.50, we're talking a price hike of 20%. 50 cents in and of itself isn't much, but I am paying 20% more for a burger with cheese on it. Or so I thought.

I think the amount I should have to pay for cheese should be directly proportional to the amount of cheese that is on my burger when it arrives home. The cost of the cheese stuck to the paper the burger is wrapped in because someone can't take the time to at least make sure the cheese is *on* the meat should not come out of my pocket! In that case, I should have only had to pay about 10 cents for cheese today. I ordered a cheeseburger, not a plain burger wrapped in cheese paper! GGRRR

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