Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Which saint is it?

I need to know who is the patron saint of "please give me strength so I do not throttle my child before DH gets home." There has to be one. (I'm not even Catholic, but I'll try just about anything at the moment.) IIRC, Pope John Paul II oversaw the sainthood of 400+ saints during his reign alone, and there is already a patron saint of lost television remote controls (seriously). Given how much more important this is, there *has* to be a saint for it. Maybe Job? (Is Job a saint?) I sure could use some of his patience right now.

Oh wait, I see, it must be the same one as the saint of "let me flash mommy the cutest smile in the world so she doesn't kill me." Seems to be working. For now.

Currently feeling: frazzled

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