Thursday, May 05, 2005

Sleeping like a baby

I remember several months ago when I read this entry from my buff maternal friend. And I distinctly remember rolling my eyes a little bit and thinking "how silly; why would you think she's dead? you should just be happy she's sleeping peacefully!"

I was still two months away from having a little one of my own. Oh, how stupid I was in my non-maternal ignorance. Thankfully, Luke breathes fairly heavily, and moves quite a bit, both of which I can usually hear over the monitor. But there are mornings, and sometimes evenings, when I absolutely have to get up and check on him. Virtually every time I wake up before he does, my heart catches slightly in my throat, and I cannot go back to sleep until I see for myself the rise and fall of his rib cage.

They say SIDS peaks around 3-6 months and that the risk tapers off from there, dropping to very slight by the first birthday. It is also a higher risk for boys than girls. I keep hoping that once he gets a little older, I'll stop worrying so much. I am still rather new at this, after all. But reading the comments attached to that post, well, I may never grow out of it! I guess there are worse things in life.

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