Sunday, May 22, 2005

The universe is mocking me

So, we're sitting at Wendy's, minding our own business, enjoying an inexpensive dinner out. Two girls (well, late teens) come in and sit down at the booth next to us. Naturally, Luke starts flirting. LOL Then, one of their cell phones rings. Here is the conversation we overheard:

"Hi, watcha doin'?"
"Nothing planned, why?"
"Well, which movie?"
"No thanks, I don't like Star Wars."

???!!!!!! Say what? Here we are, doing everything in our power to stop ourselves from trying to go see the film, because we know Luke wouldn't sleep and/or sit quietly through it and we don't want to be cut down by the lightsaber of a fellow audience member, and you're turning down an offer to go see it opening weekend?! Do you realize the opportunity you are wasting? I can see my argument is unconvincing. In that case, care to babysit so that *we* can go see it with your friends?

5 more days....

Currently feeling: envious

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