Monday, July 25, 2005

Gratuitous Luke alert

Okay, I gave you all a break. It's been over two months (that would be two months and a day) since I posted a picture of Luke on my blog. Now you have to pay! LOL

He is fascinated by boxes:

He loves standing, and can even do so without holding something now (though not in evidence in this photo):

How can you resist these baby blues?!

He loves to "help" with unloading the dishwasher, usually by chewing on all of the freshly washed baby spoons:

When visiting his great-grandparents (who he has not seen since Christmas, thus he does not remember them), he wasn't so sure about my grandfather, who is 6'3" tall.

But he did enjoy the piano in the guest sitting area of their complex (first time he'd ever seen one):

The Star-Spangled Baby (red hair, white skin, blue eyes; just like his mama):

But enough photos!

I'm done now. His adoring public will have to settle for these for now (unless you want to look at his online albums, which should have new photos appearing in the July album sometime later this week).

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