Sunday, July 24, 2005

Happy birthday to me

Just wanted to note the beginning of my last year as a "twenty-something" in my blog. Yes folks, I turn 29 today. (Yes, for real. Yes, for the first time.) It's actually making me feel old, which is unusual. It's not that I think 29 is old by any means, but I was at lunch with my parents, and Mom asked me if this is what I thought I would be doing when I was 29. And I had to answer her honestly: as a kid, I never thought much past 25, which seemed the perfect "grown up" age to be. (And I was right. I liked being 25. It was great!) I just never put much thought into being any older than that. I never considered what I would be doing at 30, or 50, or 80.

I also didn't plan my life much past my first child, who is now here. I guess I'm feeling a bit directionless. We have the house, we have the gadgets (still need surround sound, but that won't be any time soon, I'm afraid), we have the kid. Now what? Guess I need to sit down and make up a new plan to take me "to infinity and beyond" (or, at least to 30 and through 45 or so).

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