Monday, October 17, 2005

IMDb is 15 years old

That sure is hard to believe. It almost seems that IMDb has been around forever. I certainly don't know how I ever lived without it! Oh, yes I do. I either spent several phone calls and/or hours wracking my brain to make the connection between some actors or films, or it drove me mad for days. Boy, am I sure glad my brother sent me that link!

Currently feeling: congratulatory


  1. I love the IMDb. It has saved my sanity many times.

  2. IMDb is not good for me. I pretend it is, but actaully it is almost fully to blame for my lack of a social life and my growing obsession with several people. 15 years? Bugger, that things old! You play 6 Degrees? W00t, so it's not just me then! :)

    (I'm Phentalon btw, I just don't have an account here. I was googling for hobbit emoticons. I nicked your ;P)


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