Monday, October 10, 2005

What a year

Luke's first birthday was Friday. What a difference a year makes! See for yourself:

*Just* a few changes, what do you think? Special thanks to everyone who sent Luke birthday wishes (Annette, Valerie, Melissa, and Connie). Full report on his birthday party (which was Saturday) later when I have more time.

Currently feeling: amazed


  1. Well he's still as cute as ever! :) Don't they grow up fast!

  2. What a difference indeed! Hope he enjoyed his special day! :)

  3. Happy B'day to Luke. I can't believe I missed it. He has grown so much! Wow!

  4. Happy Birthday Luke, he's still a real cutie

  5. Happy birthday, Luke!

    Here's what I noticed: you don't look nearly as tired in the second picture as you do in the first! :-)

  6. Happy birthday to Luke. Wow, what a difference indeed.


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