Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Musing on Movies - October 4, 2005

What are your favorite sports films? What sports films do you think are terrible? Do you tend to watch a lot of sports movies or very few, or do you avoid them completely? Which sports (if any) do you watch on television? Are those the same sports you enjoy as movies?

Ooo, I love sports movies. Sports are inherently dramatic and exciting, so we tend to see a lot of them. I'll even watch movies for sports I don't particularly enjoy watching on television, like hockey. Favorites? Oh dear, um.... Bull Durham, Field of Dreams (not a traditional sports film, but still), A League of Their Own (noticing a theme here?), Remember the Titans, Mystery Alaska. The Cutting Edge, while not a great sports film, is always good for a laugh ("toepick"). These are the first that come to mind; let me glance in the DVD case to see what else I thought was good enough to buy. Oh, The Rookie (with Dennis Quaid) is very good as well. We own a couple of others (DH's choice), but I don't really care for them (The Natural (horrible, since I read the book first) and Hoosiers). I saw Friday Night Lights recently, and I didn't like it much either. I don't do boxing movies, in any way, shape, or form. I don't care to watch people beat each other's brains out, in real life or on film (but other types of violence don't bother me; weird). And yes, as you can probably guess, I watch *lots* of baseball in addition to baseball movies. Just call me slugger! LOL

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