Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Miami Search and Rescue

Remember my recent confession that I hate being lost? Well, guess what I did yesterday. Yep, got lost. TWICE! It was so sad. Actually, I wasn't lost, I just didn't know how to get to my destination. Yes, there is a difference! (Stop laughing.) I was perfectly capable of getting back to where I came from, I just didn't know how to get where I was going.

All I wanted to do was get Luke a haircut, at a place we've been to before (though only once). Now how hard is that? Well, I forked the wrong way on the way there. I knew when I hit Gwinnett County I had gone way too far. You know you're really lost when you stop somewhere to ask directions, and they've never even heard of the place you're trying to go (and I asked about the mall it's in, not the salon itself). ::rolls eyes:: So I had to call Miami Search and Rescue: my brother, at work, with an internet connection. I have him my location and my intended destination, and he got me directions from the internet (how on earth did people get anywhere before MapQuest?). We get there (I wasn't *that* far off, actually), we get his hair cut (he looks *so* grown up!), and we leave.

And then I turned the wrong way out of the mall to go home. I didn't realize that until I saw the sign on the road I was on indicating that I was going north, when I should have been headed south. All I had to do was hang a U-turn and I was fine, but still. I usually have a *much* better sense of direction than that; I can at least usually say whether I need to go left or right to get back to where I'm going. Sheesh! In my own defense, though, I didn't get there the way I expected to, and the parking lot is quite wonky; it's quite easy to get turned around. Anyway, a trip that should have taken about an hour total took over two, and Luke was understandably exhausted by the time we got home (the car makes him sleepy anyway).

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  1. I just want to know how you got him to sit still for the person to cut his hair. There is no way I could get Katie to sit for a haircut. I always end up cutting her bangs and making a mess of it!


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