Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Pixar and Disney

I've had a few emails from folks asking me about the new Disney buying Pixar deal. Here is an okay article summing up the terms. (I read a better one yesterday, but I can't seem to find it now.) The best thing about the deal is promoting John Lasseter to head of animation *and* Imagineering. I haven't heard news that great is ages. Now, if Disney will just put their money where their talent is, we'll be doing well. I will also say that I am gravely concerned that the corporate culture that Pixar is so famous for will vanish. One can hope that it does not.

But for everyone who thinks adding Steve Jobs to a starring role in Disney management is a good idea, you should read this article. Very very worthwhile reading all the way around, but to sum it up for those who don't care to read it (you really should), it basically reminds everyone that all Steve Jobs wanted to do was to turn Pixar into a hardware and software company, and then when that failed, he spent years trying to find someone to buy it since HE considered the animation unit a severe drain on the company's resources. It wasn't until Tin Toy won an Oscar that he decided not to fire all of the animators (he'd just try to sell them instead), and it wasn't until Toy Story became a hit that he decided they were worthy of his time, attention, and funding. If he can't recognize *that* level of talent and inventiveness, is that really the person you want making major decisions with Disney?

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