Monday, February 13, 2006

Doing the wave

No credit required

I think Luke has finally, officially, learned to wave. He still won't do it every time (especially not if he's really tired), but he is doing it almost every time you do it to him, and he will do it to people besides DH and me now. Everyone seems to have been waiting for this moment, most especially my parents (though he was too tired to wave bye to them this afternoon when they left). Still not talking yet, not a single word (unless Yay counts), but he can snap and wave! I guess that's progress.

Currently feeling: proud


  1. Whoo-hoo!

    That's so cool!

  2. "Yay" absolutely counts! He's expressing his feelings through an intentional verbal expression! And what a fun first word too! *G*

    DS's was "see"....though I didn't realize that he was saying it intentionally for a week or more.....not until I saw him pointing at something he wanted to look at and saying it.

    How very exciting! :D

  3. "Yay" definitely counts.:) Seemed like we worked forever to get Katie to say "bye, bye" and wave and now whenever we leave somewhere she won't stop doing it. She says bye bye nonstop from the moment she realizes we are getting ready to leave until we are in the car. It's pretty funny.

  4. That's great! Saw some pictures of him a while back. He's so cute.

  5. Woohoo! Way to go Luke! And way to go Mom for teaching him!


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