Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Heart Day

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I do indeed hope that all of you were able to spend today in some kind of contact with those you love. Despite being the most emphasized, there is more to Valentine's Day than being "in love" with "the one." I like to think of Valentine's Day as a chance to show your love and appreciation for all people in my life, not just my significant other. I usually end up buying about 25 cards for various folks, and only 2 (well, 3 now; one is "from" Luke) are for DH.

With the exception of the first year we were married, when I received a ruby and diamond heart pendant (that he picked out *completely* by himself; I was as stunned by that as receiving jewelry (remember, I picked out my own engagement ring because he wanted to be sure I liked it)), we tend to keep Valentine's Day very low key. Cards, maybe some inexpensive chocolate (usually Reese's cups for him and Hershey Kisses or, in "big spending" years, Dove truffles for me), perhaps a stuffed animal, and usually dinner out (but nowhere "special;" pre-Luke it was usually Olive Garden). This year was no different. A stuffed Hershey bear dressed as a knight, holding a small bag of Kisses, cards, and dinner out at the mall food court (my choice, BTW, though it wouldn't have mattered since we didn't even leave the house before 5:30, meaning most anywhere else was busy, but we didn't have the money anyway for something nicer; the point was simply for me not to have to cook). Cards for DH, with an offer to pick up some mini-Reese's cups while at Target (a pre-agreed stop on the way home), since I never got around to getting some for him. (Card shopping with a toddler screaming in his stroller because I wouldn't let him touch anything at Hallmark nearly killed me, so candy shopping just never happened.) All in all, a nice, quiet, pleasant evening with the two men I love most: DH and my son. What more could a girl ask for?

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