Monday, March 20, 2006

24 hours

Sorry, no cute blinky today. We're back, trip went fine. We enjoyed a couple of days without Luke, going to two movies, two theme parks (in the same day), and a ballgame. My parents thoroughly enjoyed their two days of unrestricted Luke time.

Still no word on the job, BTW. She's supposed to talk to him "late tomorrow," whatever that means.

I think our two days away from Luke were just preparing us for tonight. Roughly 24 hours after arriving home (25.5 to be precise), Luke is throwing up. At least last time he didn't seem upset by it. This time, he is crying and acting like it hurts. No fever, so I don't know what's up. Time will tell, I guess. The only reason I'm even online right now is that I'm waiting for some stains to soak before washing his pajamas and DH's shirt that was hit during a clean-up attempt. More later, when I have time. God only knows when that will be.

Currently feeling: like she can't win


  1. Hang in there - you'll all make it. Hugs.

  2. Welcome to motherhood. It's funny how things like this never get mentioned before you make the decision to have children.

  3. {{{hugs}}} glad you at least had a good time on mini vacation.

    I hope Luke is feeling better soon. I'm dealing with 2 sick kids and it's no fun!

  4. {{hugs}} I hope Luke feels better soon!!

  5. (((Erin and family))) I sure hope Luke is feeling better soon! Glad you enjoyed your trip. :)

  6. ((Hugs)) seems everyone I know is sick right now. Hope Luke is feeling better soon and that you and DH don't catch whatever it is!


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