Saturday, March 04, 2006

No more brownies

by Blinkie Obsession

That's it. I give up. Apparently, I am not meant to make brownies. At least, not good ones. My brownies seem to have only two textures: bricks and goo. Usually, they tend towards bricks, but I did manage a nice batch of goo tonight. We won't even mention the fact that I had already messed up a *boxed* brownie mix before trying the "from scratch" recipe this evening. At least I rescued the chocolate chips from the mix (I put in 3 times the amount of oil it called for because I misread the box; no way to salvage) and put them into the scratch recipe. They were quite tasty, if a little, um, over-moist. ::rolls eyes:: I just hope they got hot enough and done enough to kill any bacteria so we don't get food poisoning from the still slightly gooey middle come tomorrow. I was smart enough to eat the center ones first (the most underdone). I think the edge ones will be okay.

I don't think I'm going to try again. I've been trying off and on for two years to successfully make brownies; that is just plain ridiculous. I'm an engineer for goodness sake! I should be able to make a decent batch of brownies!! Guess I'll just have to settle for store-bought (bleck) or someone else's. ::sigh::

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  1. If you manage to consistently make goo, then it makes for good ice cream topping. Bricks... not so much.

    If you want to try the scratch recipe again, I suggest "spinning" the pan that they're in before putting it in the oven, and then turning the pan half way through baking.

    You could use another trick I know of - get a box of the Duncan Hines chocolate fudge cake mix, and make the batter with the two eggs, and a can of cherry pie filling. Bake it in cupcake cups (and follow the cupcake baking directions) and add chocolate chips if you want. It's not brownies, per say, but it is yummy...

    You are not allowed to give up... how about this recipe (and you follow it to the letter):

  2. I don't really get that into brownies, but I do have a killer recipe for fallen chocolate cake that I'll send if you would like it. Or you could just make tiramisu, which for some reason impresses the hell out of people even though it is no-bake and therefore nearly impossible to screw up.

  3. Remember, Erin, I have NEVER cooked a tender, moist roast in 32 years!! But I keep trying! I agree with whizgidget, don't give up!! Love, Mom ;)


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