Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Luke fine, me not

Thanks for all of the hugs and well wishes. They seem to have helped, well, helped Luke at least. He woke up bright and cheerful this morning, like nothing at all happened last night. I woke up exhausted and feeling awful, which I attributed to being up all hours washing clothes (and bedding, which had to be done, because if he got sick again, we were out of mattress pads and pajamas for him, not to mention perilously low on towels). I also didn't get much sleep since I woke up every time I heard him roll over (gotta love paranoid mom hearing). He didn't eat much today, which isn't surprising, but no fever or vomitting today, plus in a good mood and talkative (no, still no actual words, though we have two new sylables: bee and bay).

Like normal, I took a nap when he did this morning. I'll feel better as soon as I catch up on my lost sleep from last night, right? Woke up feeling better, yes, but still not very good. By his second nap, I could barely keep my eyes open. I layed down, and about 30 minutes later, I could not get warm for anything. I was wearing long pants and a shirt, plus an extra blanket or two, and I was still shivering. Hello, you have a fever!! Of about 100 degrees. Joy. Thankfully, Luke slept until DH came home, and he promptly sent me to bed, where I woke every 30-40 minutes either freezing cold or burning up. Woke up dripping sweat and feeling like I was about to incinerate around 7:30 (perhaps the quilt on top of the two extra blankets was a bit much?), so maybe it has broken for good. I certainly feel much better. Temp is currently reading normal. We'll see how the rest of the evening goes. Maybe I'll get around to a trip recap by the end of the week.

Currently feeling: not exactly well


  1. How rotten, Erin. I hope you feel better quickly.

  2. You poor thing. I hope you've kicked it and you're on the mend again.

    That's the only downside of our kids getting better after getting sick - by then we're run down and/or sick and they expect the same amount of Mummy-attention as usual.

  3. Hope you feel better soon Erin *Hugs*

  4. {{{Erin}}} I hope you feel better soon


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