Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It really is genetic


It happened a few months ago, and I dismissed it. But it happened again this weekend, so it can't just be coincidence. At the age of 18 months, Luke is officially fascinated with Marilyn Monroe. We've watched lots of musicals with lots of different pretty women in them, including a few blonds (especially one of my favorites: Betty Grable). He might pay attention to a few bars of the songs, but that is about it. When I first flipped on Gentlemen Prefer Blondes about two months ago, Luke showed almost no interest. It was the very start of the scene with Jane Russell and all of the athletes. He glanced at the screen, and kept playing.

End scene. Enter Marilyn. Luke looked up, and simply stared at the screen. And kept staring. And kept staring. I tried to get his attention, and he ignored me. I got between him and the screen, and he screeched! He was utterly and completely mesmerized. She ceased to be on screen, and he lost interest. She returned, and he simply stared. I was astounded.

Eventually, I passed it off as a fluke. It was just her voice or something. It most certainly is unique. Well, the movie came on again this weekend, and this time I muted the television as soon as I changed the channel. Luke was in the kitchen at the time. As soon he came into the living room, he stopped dead in his tracks and just stared at the screen. I simply could not believe it. I'm not sure he would remember it from 2-3 months ago (maybe he could), but still. DH picked him up and moved him back from the television (it is a 53" screen, and Luke was only about 3 feet away). He continued to stare. Once again, and very intentionally, I stood between him and the television, and he pitched a total fit! As soon as I moved, he was fine. As soon as she was no longer on screen, he completely lost interest.

Somewhere, embedded deep in the Y chromosome, is the Marilyn-affinity gene, and DS definitely has it.
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  1. Erin,
    I love your blog!
    The graphics and template are lovely.
    My favorite entries so far are the squirrels and your 101 list. (a very inspiring idea)
    I hope you're having a great day! I'm off to look at pictures of your beautiful boy.


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