Wednesday, May 24, 2006

And in the completely stupid department

Credit: Pinky Blinkies

And that blinky is, of course, referring to myself. I committed the unpardonable computer error: I didn't save. Well, I did, but I assumed that after saving I would be able to undo a change that I made, but I made a few more changes, and then it wouldn't let me back up. So, after getting this incredibly cute layout done (simple, boring, not as sophisticated as what a bunch of the ladies do, but still cute I think), then shrinking it to post it to an online gallery, I couldn't get it back to regular size. Now, instead of something printable, I only have it teeny-tiny. So, here it is. At least I more or less know what to do so that I should be able to recreate it. It's just a pain, and I'm just mad at myself since I *totally* know better. ::snort:: At least I should get a free posting bonus out of it (if you made a layout using this free kit and posted it, you get more coordinating components for free!).

Font is Team Spirit, a free internet download
Kit is Number One Fan by Staci Schall from The Digi Dreamer
Grungy Edge from Edges Pack by Lauren Bavin from Digital Scrapbook Place
Basketball Patch (on left) from Basketball is Life by Lady Jane at DigiScrap Central

Currently feeling: idiotic


  1. Looks like you've got a little basketball star on your hands there! :) Try not to feel too dumb - that is totally something I would do - even though I really know better too!

  2. Erin dear,

    You're only an idiot if you make the same mistake three times!!

  3. That layout is really cute!

  4. LOL, had a good giggle with this entry Erin. That blinkie is seriously funny, lol. And your layout is just adorable!


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