Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Much Luke-ness

Let's start with the important stuff first. Not only does Luke now know where his nose, ears, and tongue are, but we also FINALLY have our first word: down. That's right, folks. Not mama, not dada, not nana; not even kitty. Down. (Assuming you don't count "yay," which his pediatrician said didn't count.) As in, I'm finished eating now, I want down. Hey, at least it's progress!

Next, how about a new toy? :-) I had to hunt around a bit, but I finally found a pretty good video hosting service. I could host them from my own site, but that would eat up my bandwidth in a hurry, so I needed to find a good free one online. One I tried didn't want to download correctly. The next one had hideous video quality. It's free, so I can't expect great quality (if anyone knows of one, I'd be happy to check it out!), but this one was better than most. If it works and you like it, I might upload a few other ones.

I shot this at the park nearby on Saturday. Hope you enjoy!

Hosted by DropShots

(Let me know if this doesn't work for you. That would kind-of defeat the purpose.)

And finally, I have a new layout to show you. I am quite proud of it, actually. This was a sketch challenge. They give you a sketch showing what the final product should look like (placement wise), and you have to try to replicate it. Sure, no problem. Then I saw the sketch. Good gracious! Did I pick a doozie to start with. But I did it, and actually in less time than I thought it would take. Go me!! This was my first time using circles, but I think I like it.

Journaling says: "Luke's very first shoes. We waited until he was quite good at walking before investing in these. My husband bought shoes the same day, and his were only $1 cheaper!"

Everything from Tenacity by Misty Cato at Scrap Outside the Box
Fonts are Bookman Old Style and Celtic Hand
Inspiration Sketch by Gina Miller at Scrapbook-Bytes

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  1. The video worked just fine. That is so cute! And first word time is so very exciting. I'm sure he'll manage mama and dada any day now. ;)

  2. It worked for me too. How cute!

  3. That's so cute..He looks soo big! Congratulations on the first word!

  4. How cute! Love the shoes--my boys each had a pair (or two) of those. Next time, get the ones that light up, he'll love it!

  5. He has grown at least two inches since we saw him!! Give him big hugs and smoochy kisses from Nana. Love the video!

  6. Oh, and about the first word thing--Andy's was "Uh-oh." Tells you something about him, doesn't it?

  7. Looks like he is having a blast on that slide. :) Katie likes the slide too. Although she says lots of words now (age 2) I still cannot get her to say down instead of screaming her head off when she wants out of her high chair. So Yay! Luke! :)


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