Friday, January 26, 2007

A truly inspired thought

I found the following quote on Anita's blog today. (For those of you who are scrappers, she puts up a free SketchPlate template every Friday.) This quote is really making me look at things differently today. It reminds me of the statement "this too shall pass," but what makes this different is that it is not only emphasizing that the bad will pass but that the good is *always* there, whether you bother to see it or not.
Happiness is permanent. It is always there.
What comes and goes is unhappiness.
If you identify with what comes and goes, you will be unhappy.
If you identify with what is permanent and always there,
you are happiness itself.
Papaji, 1910-1997 ~ Indian Spiritual Teacher
Speaking of the bad passing, Luke is doing much better. Thank you to all who have asked about him and sent well wishes. He even took his medicine without more than a token fuss this morning. I can't say that he was opening his mouth like a bird, but I didn't have to force his jaws open either. It was a nice change this morning. Let's hope it lasts through Wednesday (his last day for meds).

Happy Friday everyone! Wishing you all a most excellent weekend.

Currently feeling: pretty peachy

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  1. Glad to hear Luke is feeling better. I like the quote too - gives you something to think about.


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