Thursday, January 18, 2007

You're not serious

I just read the following over at IMDb:
The trade paper said that the MPAA will now warn parents that some R-rated movies are not suitable for younger people -- whether or not they are accompanied by an adult.

Now (and I can't believe I am about to say this), in their defense, both the PG and PG-13 definitions include something about some material not being suitable for all audiences, while the R definition does not. That being said, I have to points of contention with that particular quote.

#1: If it isn't for the content, then just why, pray tell, would they require an adult to attend with someone under 17? Did people think it was just a way of annoying both adults and children? Or maybe a way to increase revenue by requiring an adult ticket be purchased along with a child one? They list the reasons for the ratings right on the posters and in the previews. Those descriptions alone should be enough to tell you that it is inappropriate for a child. Come on, people!

#2: I am greatly concerned by the word "some" in the quote. Only *some* R-rated movies are not suitable for younger audiences? If it *is* suitable for younger audiences, then it wouldn't have been rated R in the first place, now would it?

I guess the old saying is true: Make something idiot-proof, and someone will come along and build a better idiot.

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  1. Or, hey, what if they were to come up with an additional rating beyond R that meant only adults would be allowed into the theater? What a wild and crazy idea that would be...

  2. I'm baffled by the will now warm parents... whether or not they are there. Does that mean the movie theater is now going to call home if a younger person is trying to watch an R-rated movie without an adult?

  3. Second reflection: I think the problem the MPAA is trying to tackle is that there may be a vast difference in "suitability" between, say, a serious historical drama and a sadistic slasher flick, especially when we are talking about the 11-16 age group rather than little kids. But it's an awkward concept, no question.


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