Friday, May 16, 2008

The hunt was successful!

Bless DH, he went out this afternoon and managed to find both replacement Aerialbots after visiting a total of four stores. We have been saved! Not only that, but Luke was so involved with playing with his puzzle this morning (he pulled one out of his toy chest that he's had for ages but had never been able to do until yesterday) that he didn't even notice that the helicopter was missing (I hid it). Crisis averted. Whew! I thought he might catch on when he went to pick out his two toys for in the car this morning, but he didn't.

DH said that the last CVS he went to had all six of the set in stock. We're tempted to go back and buy a second set of six (in addition to the two replacements we bought to day), just in case. May yet do that before the weekend is out. We'll see. Thank you all for the sympathy and the good vibes!

Currently feeling: saved!

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