Sunday, May 04, 2008

The RenFest that wasn't

The weather has not been very cooperative lately. I really want to take Luke to the Georgia Renaissance Festival this year, but so far, since they opened, it has rained every *single* Saturday. And given that all the paths and such for guests are a mixture of good ol' brown dirt and Georgia red clay, I have no interest in going mud bogging while trying to walk around. Now, I did listen to my friend (and RenFest assistant director) Valerie, who said that often, even though it is raining "in Atlanta," it is not actually raining at the grounds, so even though showers were forecasted for later in the afternoon, we went on down. And it was raining harder in the parking lot than it was at our house, which is a good 45 minutes away. GGRRR

Mission aborted, much to the upset of the child. We had talked up the show a lot to get him excited. He was going to get to see the horses, he was going to get to watch the juggling and the magic, and he was going to get to carry his (short foam) sword around in public. And now we were taking that away, all while sitting in front of the gate and watching *other* people get to carry their swords right in. Oh, the humanity! But as we watched mud puddles developing in the parking lot before our very eyes, we decided to just leave and come back another day. The tickets are just expensive enough that, if we didn't get to do much that day, we would not be able to come back, so we do need to make sure we can actually get around and participate, preferably without being covered in muck (fun for Luke, perhaps, but not we boring adults).

I also got the bee in my bonnet to make Luke a cape before we go, and maybe a little smock-like tunic. Bought fabric today and everything! So maybe it is for the best that things were delayed. We'll see what this coming Sunday looks like in terms of weather (must also consider Friday's and Saturday's weather), and even though it is Mother's Day, if it looks clear and dry, we'll go. Guess I'd better get hopping on that cape then, no? Especially considering I am doing it by hand. Not for authenticity, mind you, but because I have absolutely no idea how to set up my sewing machine! Really must learn how to use the blasted thing one of these days.

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  1. It did rain in the morning off and on for about an hour (?).....

    ....and then it passed.

    It spit just a little off and on, little showers that didn't even make puddles.

    And it wasn't too hot because we had cloud cover.

    And it wasn't too crowded because all of Atlanta listened to the doombringers (aka the weathermen).

    And the guests got lots of personal attention from the stage acts because the cast to guest ratio was small that day.

    And there was a Haggis Hurl on the joust field for Scots and Kilts weekend.

    You totally missed it! When can I convince people that it doesn't rain in Fairburn! *LOL*

    (ok, last Saturday we had a hellacious rain shower for about an hour and a half right around lunch time - but it also meant that the audience was treated to the Best. Peasant. Bath. Ever. They even got soap and lathered up profusely for the amusement of the few guests that were out in the downpour. Worth the price of admission for that alone! *lol*)

  2. I'll be heading there next weekend with my rugrat so that we can experience pirates weekend.
    we had planned to go last weekend to but couldn't due to illness

  3. Mom and Dad took the St Francis 5th and 6th grades on a field trip to the RenFest on Thursday of last week. Can you imagine, all the way up from Brunswick and back on the bus in a single day?!


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