Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Luke heard yes

Yesterday's conversation in the car on the way home. Note that it was Luke, DH, and me in the car at the time.

LUKE: Mommy, I wanna watch Buzz Lightyear.

ME: Luke, we don't watch Buzz Lightyear on school nights.

LUKE: But I want Buzz Lightyear!

ME: No, Luke. We are not watching Buzz Lightyear tonight.

LUKE: Yes!

ME: No.

LUKE: Daddy, I wanna watch Buzz Lightyear.

DH: Luke, Mommy already said no.

LUKE: Mommy said yes!

DH: Luke, I was sitting here right beside Mommy, and I heard her say no.

LUKE: I heard yes!

Apparently, if it is a perfectly reasonable argument that Daddy heard me say no, it must be an equally reasonable argument that this is not what Luke heard. Sigh. And chuckle. We both started laughing. (We are terrible parents!) He was just so genuine and confident when he said it.

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