Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On the Bubble for 2009-2010: Dollhouse, Castle, and Chuck

This is a post I've been meaning to write for a week or so, and based on the fact that I am currently averaging about 200 hits a day (instead of my usual 40-ish on days when I have a new post), maybe it's time. What is generating most of those hits? Search engine results for "Chuck Renewed." Apparently, there are lots of other Chuck fans out there trying to find out if NBC will bring it back for a 3rd season. I just tested it myself, and this post from Feb 2008 comes up as the second result on a Google search. Cool! But not really answering the question they are asking. (I also edited the post just now to include the year range 2008-2009 for the sake of clarity. Might cut down on some of the hits. Not that I mind, I just feel like they are "fake," ya know?)

So has Chuck been renewed for 2009-2010? No, but neither has it been officially cancelled. Yet. I've found a site I really like that analyzes the numbers. It is called TV By the Numbers (be aware that the have been having server issues the last few days, so try back if you get an error). They are really just "speculators," but I enjoy their take on things. According to them (and I agree), Chuck is just really iffy right now. Jay Leno being on 5 nights a week at 10 PM is really crunching their space for new shows. If they want to try and test out some new ones, some old ones will probably have to go, and Chuck is one of those on the bubble. Without Jay, it would probably be a lock to come back, but at the moment? Who knows. Reports are that the cast and crew have heard nothing either way, but that the sets are still intact. For now. Only time will tell.

Unfortunately, that's it for the good news. Dollhouse and Castle? Not looking so good. The numbers are just not there, especially compared to the other shows on their respective networks (Fox and CBS). It's a shame, really. Dollhouse is finally starting to get Whedon-ish (a very good thing!), and it is incredibly interesting. I hear that the network really likes it (and let's face it, they owe Joss after the whole Firefly kerfuffle), but that would be the only thing saving it, the grace of the network, not the numbers. Castle, on the other hand, is just flat out fun, and we *love* Nathan Fillion. I am so sorry it hasn't found an audience, though I think it is a little "light" to survive at 10 PM, especially against CSI: Miami, unless they are making an attempt at counter programming (which clearly isn't working). I think a different time slot might help it, but who knows. It most likely won't get a chance, though. There will be much mourning in our house if/when that happens.

So there we go. That's my take on it. And just for the search engines: Will Chuck be renewed for 2009-2010? Will Dollhouse be renewed? Will Castle be renewed? We likely won't know for a few more weeks. I sure hope so, though, on all three. I hate trying to find new shows! They always get cancelled....

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  1. We will be soooooo bummed if we lose Castle and Dollhouse :(

  2. My husband watches almost no TV, but he has LOVED Chuck since day 1. He will be crushed.

    I've been watching Castle and I like it. Like you said, it's fun.

  3. To me, Castle is practically perfect in every way. If it got an earlier time slot, I believe I would drop the practically!

  4. Oh no! I hope they don't go away. We haven't been watching Castle but have been watching Dollhouse.

    But I do have to ask, does time slots matter as much in this day of DVR? We can record up to two things at the same time and rarely watch things "live".

  5. I haven't seen the other two, but have recently managed an episode or two of Dollhouse. Really hoping they keep it around - I'm just starting to get hooked. :)

  6. if chuck is cancelled i will seriously cry. i love that show.


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