Thursday, May 14, 2009

A quiet April and May (so far)

I was looking at my post totals for this year, and they are way down for April and May. No particular reason, just haven't felt very chatty and not a lot happening right now. I also think that Twitter is causing that a little bit. Previously, things that might sit and eat at me until I blogged about it now get tossed off to Twitter and it is out of my system. Project 365 is also getting some of the small happenings that would probably have previously made my main blog (I hate to duplicate for those following both). April isn't quite as spartan as it seems, since at least 2 (maybe 3) of the Disney recaps were done in April. Once May arrived, I back dated them so that they will all show up under the March archives (easier for anyone trying to follow the story, I think), but even taking that into account, April was way down. I've already posted almost as much in May as I did in April, and we're only half way done, so there is time. In the meantime, here is a quick recap of some of May's happenings. You already know about the baseball game (that was the big May event).

We had a swarm of termites appear in our foyer. Had two assessments/estimates done. Work will be done June 1. Apparently, we caught it early and damage is minimal. Whew!

Luke got his first "real" LEGO set (meaning the small traditional size pieces) and put it together all by himself. DH only helped with making sure he followed the steps in order. Still need to get a pic of him with the finished product.

This lovely Mother's Day card and flower came home from school with Luke the Friday before Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Saturday was spent with my three mom-related people (plus my father and husband). This is my son (who made me a mom), my mom, and her mom.

We went to a local pizza place out near my grandmother's house, and Luke was fascinated by the stand-up video game units. He was desperate to play some, so we let him. I always think of him as being so tall (and he is for a 4-year-old), but he still had to stand on tiptoe to be able to play. Too cute!

I also got a new camera for Mother's Day, courtesy of my parents. The gift is not totally altruistic; they expect lots of grandchild photos in return (gee, twist my arm!).

This is Tigger in her mummified "prepped for pill insertion" state. I don't know who is more unhappy about the arrangement, the annoyed cat, or the very grumpy and annoyed owner who has to get up at 5 AM with her husband to give the cat the @#$% pill!

That is a little souvenir from another of our cats. I don't know why he took exception to me petting his leg, but he did. You can't even see all of it here. It runs all the way almost to the inside "flat" of my wrist. It's not deep, but it was just deep enough to make it bleed, and it stung like a paper cut for 2 days. Owie! And me being me, with no clotting ability whatsoever, it took me a good 10 minutes to stop oozing. It is a lot fainter now (3 days later), but still easily visible.

And last but not least, I finished a book! I know, I can't remember the last time that happened, and it is all thanks to Every Day in May, which is going very well so far.

So that's it, your quick May recap so far. If anything blog-able comes up, I promise I'll write. But right now, I'm enjoying the temporary slowdown. (Who wants to bet that I'm about to be punished for that?)

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  1. Wow, Luke is looking so grown up in the Lego pic.

    Sometimes quiet is good. :)


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