Monday, September 14, 2009

Rear Window

As most of you know, I work from home. I don't have an office, I just sit at my kitchen table. We have a "breakfast nook" with essentially floor to ceiling windows on 3 sides, and we keep the blinds raised so the cats can sit on the sills. My chair has its back to one of the windows, which normally isn't a big deal, since the window faces my and my neighbor's back yard. However, the lawn people are here right now, and I feel like I cannot sit in my chair and work. Our lot slopes down from front to back, so the height of the floor at the back of the house means that my rear end is basically at eye level for anyone in the back yard. I don't want the lawn people looking at my butt! They would then run away screaming and looking for something to gouge out their eyes.

So I am now sitting in the den, waiting for them to finish, and I brought my work laptop with me. (I don't work from the recliner all the time because 1) it is bad for my posture, and 2) it makes me sleepy in the mornings, and I'd hate to doze off in the middle of a conference call.) It's not so bad, though. One advantage of having a virtually dead yard is that it doesn't take long to do. Just whack down the weeds, mow the one little patch of "more clover than grass," rake the leaves into semi-artistic mounds around the trees, and be done. Usually less than 30 minutes for 2 guys, which is also good, considering the noise is deafening. They do our yard and our neighbor's yard at the same time, which combined is still likely smaller than some of the other yards they do.

Currently feeling: fear of windows

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  1. I have this type of fear too. I hate having anyone in my house to do any sort of repair or anything because I feel so self-conscious doing any of my normal stuff. I'm finding now with the new house and the finishing of the basement that there has been a steady stream of workmen in and around our house and I'm just getting desensitized to it. Also I just think that with age I care less and less what people think of my big butt sitting in a chair or whatever. Its your house, so difficult as it may be, try to get over your self consciousness - probably they've witnessed much worse anyway.

    At least that is what I try to tell myself when my kitchen sink is full of dishes, the counters have crumbs, and I'm sitting in my oldest worn T-shirt and shorts watching some junky reality show on TV while stitching and eating chocolate - and the workmen are trying to do their jobs! LOL


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