Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chef Luke: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today, Luke helped me cook for the first time. He's been on a chocolate chip cookie kick of late (don't know where he got that from or why, since he's never wanted to try them before), so I thought it might be fun to actually make some with him.

We need sugar (packing the brown sugar):

And may as well go ahead and chop the nuts:

Mix the wet ingredients well:

Add the flour:

Stir in the good stuff (nuts and chips):

Place on the cookie sheet:

Wait impatiently for them to cool:

Of course, as is usual with Luke and things like this, he has not the slightest interest in actually eating them, despite the fact that he has begged for one almost daily (and even gotten them on a couple of occasions) for the last two weeks straight. Now that we made some just for him and have them at home for him to more or less consume at will, he doesn't want one. Typical!

And a special thank you to DH for taking the pictures. I took a few, but he obviously took most of them (since I'm in them, though largely cropped out). All in all, both Luke and DH did very well with the whole experience.

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