Thursday, October 08, 2009

Luke's 5 Year Stats

Yes, Luke is now officially 5 years old, as of yesterday in fact. We gave him a small gift, ate his choice of meals for dinner (Pizza Hut delivered to the house) and finally played the Scooby-Doo Ring Toss game I bought for his party but never got to. Mostly just a quiet evening at home.

Today, we had his 5 year well visit at the pediatrician. He's done with immunizations and boosters until he hits age 12, but they do prick his finger, which he hates about as much as I do. Nothing much to report, really. She said he looks and sounds great (and he has really big feet! LOL).

Official stats:
* Height: 45.5 in (1.15 m), 90th percentile, up 2.5 in (6.3 cm) from age 4
* Weight: 50.3 lb (22.8 kg, 3.6 stone), 95th percentile up 7.3 lb (3.3 kg) from age 4

Still a big one! LOL

Currently feeling: just fine for age 5

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