Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Luke update: tentative success?

I'm not sure if we've had real success, or if he was simply exhausted, and I may have just jinxed myself by blogging about it, but I did finally get him to stay in bed starting around 9:30. DH worked with him from about 7:30-9. I took over after that, and it took a bribe and a promise, and as I said, it may have actually been exhaustion that won out, but right now, he's in bed and we'll take it. I told him that if he could stay in bed, close his eyes, and go to sleep, he could open one of the Transformers Mighty Muggs my parents gave him for Christmas. They were sitting on the top shelf in his room, and at some point while trying to get him to stay in bed, he pointed and asked to open one. We weren't saving them for any special reason, we just hadn't opened them yet, so I made the deal: stay in bed and sleep, and you can have one tomorrow.

He did get up again once after that, saying that he was too scared to close his eyes. I went back in his room, tucked him in again, and told him that he didn't have to close his eyes if he didn't want to. He could keep them open as long as he wanted, he just had to stay in bed. Haven't heard a peep since then. His eyes were droopy already when I left him that last time, and I know DH had already told him that very same thing about an hour before then to no avail, so I really think it was just exhaustion overtaking him and not anything really that I said. But regardless, he's been in bed for nearly an hour now. I desperately want to go check on him, but I am not about to wake him accidentally! I am, however, fully expecting him to wake up sometime in the night and be scared again. Baby steps, though. If we can get him to sleep in there, even a little, for the next few nights, I hope he will eventually get back to being okay with bedtime.

Thanks for listening. I'm sure there will be more to come.

Currently feeling: going to attempt to sleep some myself


  1. Good luck!

    Poor kiddy, I feel so sorry for him - and his parents too.

  2. I hope that he can sleep through the night. I read your previous post and I just wanted to mention that I know I can start dreaming very quickly if I fall asleep very fast. There have been times I've been dozing on the couch and I'll wake myself up when something happens in a dream (of course, I can't remember anything about it once I wake up). It does sound like the cat getting into his room was the likely scenario but I just wanted to offer up another possibility.


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