Thursday, December 29, 2011

So how was your Nov and Dec?

Long time, no see, I know. Obviously, blogging has taken a back seat for the last couple of months, primarily to work. Between the volume of projects and the learning curve, I am exhausted by the end of the day. The thought of the time and effort involved to write things down, and especially to process the photos, made me want to cry. Other than the October Round Up that I finally got posted on November 12, I haven't done any real blogging since October 31.

Things are a little calmer for the moment (if you consider traveling for Christmas "calm," though we are home now). I expect them to get crazy again by January 9. Between now and then, I'll do my best to start getting caught up. Forgive me if things start posting in batches or are posted out of order. I apologize now for filling up your Twitter and RSS feeds. I'll be backdating things to the appropriate time in a couple of weeks.

Hope you all had a great fourth quarter 2011! I really did miss you.

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