Thursday, December 15, 2011

First Grade Awards Day - Winter 2011

A note was sent home last week announcing that Luke would be receiving an award at First Semester Honors Day. The note didn't say what the award was for, but I suspected it was for his grades.

(Sorry for the blur; should have taken the big camera!) He was awarded a certificate for being on the Principal's Honor Roll - All A's and S's. Sounds really awesome, and it is, but keep in mind that about 2/3 of the First Grade was on the Principal's Honor Roll. Most of the remaining kids received an award for being on whatever Honor Roll covers A's and B's (can't recall the name right now). Then, the remaining few received "Academic Improvement" for bringing up their grades since the first of the year. Basically, every kid received something (or it sure seemed that way, which is fine). There were some other things, like Good Citizenship awards and one for having finished the First Grade Reading List (doubtful Luke will even get that one by the end of the year, which is fine).

I wanted to include this shot for a sense of scale. Notice how much taller he is than most of the others. But also notice on the far right! Yes, that is "Hermione", the little girl from our neighborhood that we photographed at Halloween and again at the First Grade musical program. She was more or less his height at Halloween. Now look at her! She's got 1-2 inches (3-5 cm) on him (though her shoes are also taller than his (I looked!)).

Well done, First Graders!!

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