Sunday, April 28, 2013

Film Credits: A Conversation With Luke

Original image Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos, modified by me

We were watching a movie from 1996 on the DVR. It starts with the studio logo, then does a short 2-3 minute opening "set up scene", then the opening credits started rolling. Luke was playing with the remote, and suddenly, the movie cut off....

Me: What happened?
Luke: I pressed the wrong button.
Me: What were you trying to do?
Luke: Check to see how much it had left.
Me (confused): How much it had left of what?
Luke (also confused): Why was it so short? They were showing the names at the end. I thought it was long movie.
Me (trying hard to stop laughing): Honey, back in "the old days" when this movie was made, they put the credits at the beginning and the end, not just at the end like they do now.
Luke (very happy): Oh, so there's more?
Me (still laughing): Yes, there's another hour and a half. Turn it back on.

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