Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Sexy: A Conversation With Luke

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After picking him up from spring break daycare, where they were listening/dancing to music....

Luke: Daddy, can you play "Sexy Ladies"? [NOTE: he means Gangnam Style, which I don't think we have, though we've heard it on the radio a few times]
DH: Do you know what the song is about?
Luke: He thinks she is sexy.
DH: What does sexy mean?
Luke: Hot.
Me (slightly shocked): And what does hot mean?
Luke: Super-lovin'
Me (cautiously): And what does that mean?
Luke: That he loves her a super lot!

If you haven't heard the song (not sure that's possible, but just in case), here is the official Gangnam Style YouTube video link. For those wondering, most of the song is in Korean (and we do know more or less what the song is about because one of DH's coworkers is from Korea). If you like a cappella, Pentatonix did a fantastic cover of Gangnam Style (YouTube video link). And here is the YouTube video link to Klingon Style (the Star Trek parody version), which is a hoot!

Currently feeling: too many words he should not yet know (even if he doesn't know/understand exactly what they mean)

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