Saturday, August 10, 2013

How to Become an Accidental English Paper Piecer in 10 Easy Steps

How to become an accidental English paper piecing quilter in 10 easy steps:
  1. Want to become a quilter, but know that you do not have the time or energy to learn to use a sewing machine. Spend years admiring quilts of others, reading about them, and dreaming of "one day" becoming a quilter.

    Image from Wikipedia Commons.
  2. Attend a girls' weekend with some long-time friends who are all very crafty. Admire some of their quilts in person. Mention this quilting longing that you have that is hampered by lack of sewing ability.

    Image from Wikipedia Commons.
  3. Have several friends pull out their hexagon quilts that they are all piecing by hand using English paper piecing. Become intrigued, but stand fast in your knowledge that you do not have the time or money to pick up a new hobby.

    Image from Wikipedia Commons.
  4. Visit a quilt shop with said friends. Lovingly fondle fabrics and live vicariously through your friends' purchases, but do not purchase anything yourself, since you cannot actually sew or quilt.

    Image from Wikipedia Commons.
  5. Arrange for a friend to accidentally purchase two copies of a good beginner book on hexagon quilts. Offer to purchase her second copy so that you can at least read about it, in case you do ever have the time and money to start quilting.
  6. Upon returning home, have said friend let you know that she will be mailing your book. Have a second friend who lives near the first friend mention that she will pop a little something into the box when it ships in honor of your birthday. Suspect nothing more than a bottle of nail polish.

    Image from 123rf.
  7. Open box when it arrives. Instead of nail polish, discover that your two friends have colluded to make sure you have virtually no choice but to start learning to do English paper piecing. After all, you don't want to hurt their feelings.
  8. Start reading new quilting book.

  9. Cut and baste fabric.
  10. Start piecing.
Special thanks to my dear friends Annette and Terri. You two are the best!
Currently feeling: excited and a touch intimidated by this new adventure


  1. LOL You are very welcome! This is just more proof that excuses are just that, excuses ;)

  2. Hooray, another hexie queen in the making!!!!!

  3. A bottle of nail polish? Pffft... I can do *way* better than that! :)

    Glad you are having fun.

  4. Erin can you show a picture of the back of your pieced together hexagons? Just trying to make sure I get the concept right ;)

  5. Erin can you show a picture of the back of your pieced together hexagons? Just trying to make sure I get the concept right ;)


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