Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Movie Muse Shorts: Pacific Rim, The Wolverine

Pacific Rim -As a "Godzilla versus Transformers" movie, this was fine; no more or less than anyone expected. To me, though, it was still a disappointment. It was billed as a "guy movie" that was also trying to make a conscious effort to appeal to women as well. I can't say that it utterly failed, but it didn't really do any better than most of the comic book-type movies that have come before it. Other than the romantic aspects (which I almost would have preferred them to avoid), they could have easily replaced the female lead with a male character with very few alterations to the plot. If that was their idea of "making an effort," then it was a sad one indeed. Again, overall, on okay movie. Glad I saw it on the big screen (and equally glad I did NOT see it in 3D; I'd have been ill almost immediately, because both the monsters and the tech were amazing to look at, but the rest left a bit to be desired.

The Wolverine - Another "good but not great" film for the summer. (Seems to have been a lot of those.) Some very interesting moments, for sure, but overall fairly bland (if frenetic). Hugh Jackman does his best to carry the film all on his own, and he very nearly pulls it off. I felt some of the moments and characters were just unnecessary; the time and energy could have been put to better use elsewhere, but the formula required their presence. I know he's in the next X-Men film, but at some point, the ageless Wolverine is going to start showing his age (if he isn't already). I really do think he works better in an ensemble setting, even if it is just to show him as a loner. I miss that dynamic in these more "stand alone" type films.

Currently feeling: hoping the winter film slate is better

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  1. Pacific Rim is has the highest NPM (nonsense per minute) of any movie I've ever seen. (Even though we watched The Triplets of Belleville last night).


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