Friday, August 30, 2013

Kidney Stones, REALLY?!

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Dear August,

What on earth is your problem? After all the other horrid things that have happened this month, you really and truly felt that what I needed most is an ER visit for kidney stones? That was my first ER visit for them in years and years. (I was on the way to the ER in 2009, but passed it before we arrived, so that doesn't count.) That was very unnecessary. August had enough "excitement" without that. No more, please. I think we're done with "excitement" for the year.

Not so much love, Erin

I've only have a kidney stone every 2-3 years since before Luke was born, and so far, they have passed (fairly) easily at home. After managing this one for 8-ish hours at home, it still hurt and felt like it was stuck. I also knew I would have to drive myself, so wanted to do so before the meds I had taken wore off. By the time CT got around to scanning me, it had passed (should have known when I fell asleep; up until then I had been resting fairly comfortably, but hadn't actually been able to sleep due to the residual pain). The scan showed just the one, though, so hopefully that will be it for the next 2-3 years.
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