Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dona Nobis Pacem

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Apparently, there is this thing going around called "Throwback Thursday." On Facebook, it typically manifests itself as people posting old pictures they have. It's been really fun to see, though I've only done it once. I doubt it will become a regular thing for me (I usually forget) on Facebook or here, but I couldn't resist this one when it struck me.

A friend posted this YouTube video on her Facebook feed today.

Talk about a throwback! I haven't sung that song since I was in the 7th grade; that was 25+ years ago. We used it as one of our warm up pieces in chorus. There were separate 7th and 8th grade chorus teachers, so it was only for that one school year, but I did sing it nearly every single day during those 9-ish months. Even after all this time, every note immediately came flooding back as if I'd sung it every single day since then. It really made me smile. It also made me realize how little I sing anymore. Maybe I should change that....

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