Friday, February 14, 2014

SNOWchi 2014

Yes, it's snowing. Again. It actually started out more as freezing rain and sleet this time. We had a decent coating on the trees, but thankfully, we never lost power. (I hear most of Augusta was not so fortunate.)

But then it did decide to snow on top of all of that. You know, just in case we were feeling unloved by winter. ::snort::

And yes, we've been trapped in the house with school canceled and roads impassible for several days. Fun! (Not.) BTW, I take no credit for the title of this post. I stole it from Facebook. Star just can't bear this winter weather anymore (frankly, I'm with her!).

As they pointed out on NBC, it was colder in most of the USA this week than it was in Sochi, Russia, where the Winter Olympics are currently being held. We have been having a little fun here at home, though.

These are the Olympic snacks Luke has enjoyed this week. The idea for the medals and the torch came from Living Well, Spending Less, found on Pinterest (of course). The other two were my own idea: Olympic Rings Cereal (fruit loops) and an Olympic brownie (pre-made brownie with gummy life savers on top). I hope to have a couple more next week, but we'll have to see.

Currently feeling: ready for the snow to stay in Russia

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