Wednesday, August 12, 2015

TV Time: Star Trek (The Original Series) - Complete!

Quite a while ago, we started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with Luke. I didn't really think it would be that big of a deal for him to skip the original series, figuring we could circle back to it later. The episodes are about 48 minutes (3-5 minutes longer than today's shows, thank you extra commercials), so we don't always have time to watch them, and there are plenty of other things he likes to watch, too. That's okay, I'm not really in a rush.

Anything we felt like he might be missing from the original series, such as the Prime Directive, we felt that we could easily explain as we came to it. That is, until we hit Season 3, Episode 23: "Sarak." It wasn't necessarily that Luke wouldn't know who Spock was, though that would take away some of the poignancy of the episode. The problem was actually much bigger than that: he didn't know what a Vulcan was! And I knew just trying to explain about logic and no feelings (suppressed feelings, to be precise) wasn't really going to get the point across to him. The easiest way to explain it, quite frankly, was to show him. So, we immediately stopped with Next Gen and started with the original series, which is thankfully on Netflix.

As of today, we have officially seen every episode of the original Star Trek series. I realized during this viewing that there were a couple of episodes that I had either completely forgotten or never actually seen. Sadly, watching it with Luke confirmed what I've always suspected about him: he's Team Kirk! LOL I guess that leaves Picard for me, then. Darn. ;-) We should be resuming with TNG very soon, though it's been so long, I think we'll have to review some select episodes that will popping back up in the near future.

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