Monday, August 10, 2015

First Day of 5th Grade

I can't believe it's here, the first day of his last year in elementary school. Where on earth has the time gone?

Mostly into those legs, I think. Here is the required comparison between the first day of Fourth Grade and the first day of Fifth Grade.

A fair bit of growth, to be sure, but I'm more amazed at how different he looks. And it's more than just the glasses. He just *looks* different, to me. But remember how I've mentioned a couple of times recently that he seems to be growing all of the sudden over the summer? Check this out:

That is the comparison between the *last* day of Fourth Grade and the first day of Fifth Grade. That is literally how much he grew just over the summer. I was pretty shocked! I mean, I knew it on some level, obviously, but the picture evidence is rather amazing. I'm starting to wonder if I'll make it to my goal of still being taller than he is at the end of elementary school. I won't if this pace continues!
Currently feeling: he grew how much?!!

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