Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Blessed, cursed, and blessed again, all in 5 minutes

My drive home yesterday was rather interesting. I had already had a somewhat rough day at work, and I just wanted to go home! Naturally, this means that I didn't leave until right at 5 (along with everyone else in midtown Atlanta), and all the looney drivers were out. It was cold (I think yesterday's official high was only 56, BRRR), it was overcast, and it was well on its way to sunset by the time I was nearing my house. I was also running really low on gas. Blessing #1: The gas station I like to go to was practically empty when I got to it! I couldn't believe it. Every other time I try to stop there on my way home, it is completely packed out. This time, there were only 2 cars at the 14 pumps. While I'm pumping, I decided to wash my back windshield. It was totally hazy from all of our recent rain. Scrubbed it down, wiped it clean, and I was ready to roll. Gas finished pumping, got in the car, pulled out from under the shelter. Curse: It starts raining! Again, I could NOT believe it. I had not finished cleaning that stupid glass even 60 seconds ago, and here it is all spotted again. I wasn't really angry, just in total disbelief. Yes, it was cloudy, but it sure didn't look like rain. The perfect end to the perfect day, ya know? Then comes Blessing #2: As I turn right on the street that connects the main drag to my street, just beyond the clearing in front of me, is a big beautiful rainbow. It's wide, and it's simply glowing against the gathering darkness behind it (after all, rainbows are always opposite the sun). It wasn't a complete one, just the "right hand leg" of it, so to speak. And as I turn left onto my street, I see the other leg, leading straight to my house. Such a warm fuzzy feeling. And if it weren't for being delayed by crazy traffic and the rain that messed up my newly cleaned windshield, the timing and conditions would have been different when I arrived at that intersection, and I would have missed the chance to see it.

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