Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Do DH and I look mean or something?

I've always thought we were rather pleasant and agreeable looking people. See for yourself! (BTW, I've lost 43 pounds since this picture was taken. Bleck! I think we need to get some new ones made.) Anyway, that's not really the point. In the last week, DH and I have had a problem with our food at two different restaurants. Now, we are not the type of people who pitch a fit about things. At one place, the steak came a little too rare (which is difficult, since I order them medium-rare-plus in the first place). I just asked the waitress, "Do you think this could be put back on the grill for another minute or too? It's just a little underdone." She apologized profusely, had it redone, and then had the manager bring it back out to see if it was cooked correctly the second time (it was). Every time either of them passed us for the rest of the evening, they commented on how sorry they were. Really, it's no big deal! A similar thing happened with our appetizers the other night. She took our order, and we got potato skins. They did take long enough that we had commented to eachother that they must be waiting for the potatoes to grow, but we never said anything. When she brought them out, she apologized for them taking so long. She also had further bad news: they were out of the entree DH had ordered. ::shrug:: No biggie, he just ordered something else. She practically grovelled while apologizing, and then the manager came out, apologizing again, and had the appetizers taken off our ticket. Fine with me! I'm not going to argue with free food! But it really wasn't necessary, really.

Now if they had not seemed to care or had said "tough stuff" or something, that would be different, but they didn't. We didn't yell, we didn't look angry, we even joked with them about the problems and/ or errors, and everytime they apologized, we both said "no problem" or "it's really no big deal" or something similar. It just makes me wonder how often people really do raise a big stink if something is wrong that the servers and managers feel the need to prostrate themselves before us. How sad for them.

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