Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Erin wuz (not) here

Okay, so I never blogged yesterday. Really just not much to say. DH thinks he did okay on his test, but "it could go either way." So, sometime in January, we should find out for sure. The rest of the weekend was pretty frustrating. The opera was just okay, with some *terrible* dancing, and we were so tired from all of the stress of the week, we felt our time was better spent sleeping. Saturday, we were all ready for our "Indy-thon" (watch the entire boxed set of Indiana Jones films), but two of the four discs didn't work, and Best Buy would not exchange them. "They play fine in our player, so it must be your player's fault!" Well :p on them. I was going to take it up with the manager, but we've had a few other glitches with the player in the last few months (none of which explain why it wouldn't even pick up the disc!), so we just bit the bullet and bought a new one on Sunday, progressive scan even! :-)

AND THE YANKEES LOST THE WORLD SERIES!! ROTFL!!! Best part of the whole weekend, I think.

The only other exciting things I can think of worth mentioning at the moment is a glut of great films coming out soon. Brother Bear on Saturday, Finding Nemo on Tuesday (ours is already pre-ordered from Disney, so we might get it on Monday), and Matrix Revolutions on Wednesday (which we probably won't see until Friday, at the earliest; probably more like Sunday). Thank goodness! We've been in a bit of a dry spell lately. I'm surprised AMC hasn't sent out a search party or something. LOL

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