Friday, October 24, 2003

Today is DH's big day!

As I type this, DH is sitting in a room near the Atlanta Civic Center taking the Structural Professional Engineering exam. For those unfamiliar with the test, it is the engineering equivalent of the BAR exam for lawyers. He needs this certification to be able to sign off on his own designs. He'll get an official little stamp and everything! He has currently been testing for, oh, 3 hours. One hour left in the morning session, then an hour break for lunch, then another 4 hour session this afternoon. He's been rather nervous for the past few days, but I managed to not get nervous until last night or so. I'm not really worried about him passing; he is truly one of *the* smartest people I know (and that's not just a biased wife talking), and he's great at his job. I'm just worried for him since I know he was so worried about it (clear as mud? LOL). Six more hours and it will all be over. Then we just have to wait 8-12 weeks for the results. :-\ Thank goodness PE certification isn't needed for us Industrial Engineers! I don't think I could take it.

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