Wednesday, March 02, 2005

It is March, correct?

Forgot to post this yesterday. It is March, right? And I do still live in Georgia, right? I didn't get transported to Norway in my sleep or anything? Then who would like to explain to me why it *snowed* here yesterday. Yes, you read that correctly, Atlanta had a snow shower in March. (Actually, most of you who read this blog already know that, but I still felt like posting. I'm trying to post more.) I guess Luke just wanted to wear his snow suit again, since the last time he wore it, it was technically in the sleet, not the snow. This, however, was honest to goodness flakes. Naturally, I have pictures. Not many, but you can see the snow on the leaves behind him, and some flakes on his outfit in the third photo. Sorry he doesn't look any happier. It was just about nap time.

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