Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A little perspective, and Luke's 6 month checkup

Amazing what difference a little sleep can make in your perspective on things. When I posted Sunday night about our trip, I was SOOOO tired. Luke hadn't slept more than two consecutive hours since we left on Tuesday, we had done two parks in one day at Disney World and stayed until close (10 PM) despite 12 straight hours of rain, we had been up late the previous night at a 90 minute rain delayed baseball game, and had traveled to see my grandparents on Saturday. Combine that with a baby who doesn't like being in the back seat alone, particularly at night, and I was rather frazzled by the time we got back (understandable, I think). And while I still cannot say that the trip went smoothly, it was not quite the unmitigated disaster I may have led you to believe a few days ago. More details as I have time to write them, but here are the only pictures we managed to take (see note about rain above). Here are my two favorites, just to prove that the entire trip wasn't a failure.

Luke had his 6 month checkup today (despite being only 5.5 months). I'm trying not to be paranoid about his head circumference, but after climbing to the 50+ percentile, he's dropped back to around 25%. This, despite being 50-75% in weight (down from 75+) and 90-95% in length. ::sigh:: I guess I'll just have to chalk it up to the tiny hat-size of my husband and mother. There are worse things in this world, and I don't think he looks disproportional in any way. It's not the size of the head, it's what you do with it, I suppose. Guess we'll have to wait and see. :p Anyway, here are his current stats (and remember, it's been 6 weeks and a day since his last check):
* Length: 27 3/4 inches (+1 5/8 inches)
* Weight: 18 pounds even (+1 lb 5 oz)
Not as much as I thought he may have grown (he's been wearing 6-9 month clothes (which he has almost outgrown) for several weeks now), but still awfully darn big. And officially way too big for his infant car seat/carrier combo thing. Need to get him a convertible, hopefully this weekend. And a high chair (or reclining booster seat; we'll see). My baby will be starting solids very soon, possibly today if I manage to get to the grocery store to buy some. Never fear, pictures will soon be here! LOL

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